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Our Story

Sisters Point, with its roots in Aarhus, Denmark, was founded in the autumn of 1994. The dream behind SISTERS POINT was to create a new youth-oriented clothing company. Instead of the traditional two annual collections of the time, SISTERS POINT focused on fast delivery of current trends, with no fixed collections – just trends on time.
Back then, inspiration came from Paris, Milan, London, and Amsterdam, where the young trends in international fashion included tight-fitting clothing, low waists, exposed midriffs, bold colors, patterns, and short skirts and dresses. All of these elements became the core of SISTERS POINT. When the Spice Girls rose to fame in the summer of 1996, things really took off, and SISTERS POINT was here to stay
Sisters Point has held onto its identity and is still Danish-owned today, specializing in designing, producing, and selling the right styles for trendy girls and women. SISTERS POINT's focus is to capture major international trends and transform them into stylish commercial items that fit perfectly into Nordic style and fashion philosophy.
Sisters Point creates easily accessible ready-to-wear styles designed with the customer's preferences in mind. We design everything with three types in mind: the classic, the feminine, and the sporty – this means that all styles incorporate elements that suit one of these three types. The products are designed to align precisely with the trends and looks that are currently in vogue. At the same time, we maintain our playful universe, with a color palette of soft colors that complement our high-quality materials and daring fabrics.
Sisters Point doesn't release monthly collections but rather responds promptly when a trend starts to emerge. This means that there are constantly new styles available online, and we can always keep you updated with the latest trends and tendencies from the international fashion scene.
We are looking forward to serving you online.