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Take care of your clothes

Clothes don't benefit from being washed, so it is important that we wash our clothes as little as possible, and instead, air them to freshen them up. This will make your garments last longer and help protect the environment.
If washing is necessary, it's important to do it correctly. Always follow the washing instructions on the care label and sort your laundry according to both washing temperature and colour.
If you are unsure about how to care for your clothes before and after washing, we have put together some information for you here.
WARNING! If you see a label that says WARNING on our products, it's a good idea to read it with special attention to find out what you need to do.


  • Turn your garments inside out to wash them: it helps to maintain colours, is gentle on prints and protects garments from other things they are washed with. This will ensure that garments don't pill as easily or become damaged by buttons, zips, fasteners, etc.
  • Use the correct amount of detergent. Using more detergent won't make your garments any cleaner.
  • If you have a stain, only wash the stain out instead of washing the entire garment.
  • Avoid fabric softener, which coats the fibres and weakens the fabric structure.
  • Use a laundry bag to wash thin fabrics, lace and garments with beads, sequins, trims and other appliqués.
  • Air dry your garments wherever possible: it protects the environment and extends the life of your clothes.